Light Steel Structure

Application: Steel Workshop

Wall panel: EPS or rock wool sandwich panel

Antiseismic: 10 fission resistant

Certificate: ISO9001:2008



Product Detail

Types and Applications of Light Steel Structure:
1. Multi-span low constructure
Application: office, grocery and any kinds of store
2. Single-span consturcture
Application:warehouse, sales center, factory or other constructions needed large area of high eave.
3. Standard-span construction
Application:industrial large span workshop (with crane), gymnasium , warehouse etc.
4. Multi-span constructure
Application: factory of factory’s continuation
5. Single-span construction
Application: warehouse , sales center, factory of other constructions needed large area of high eave.
6. Additional consturction
Application: additional construction,tool room, outside of the construction ,expublic place of the storage.

Technical Information

Technical of Light Steel Structure:

1. Main material: H section steel, rectangular steel tube,  T section steel and angle steel

2. Roof cladding,Wall, Floor : ALC panel and Gypsum board

3. Roof waterproof: SBS coil

4. Roof tile: asphalt shingle

5. Roof insulation: XPS board or fiber glass wool

6. Stairs: steel wood composite stairs or solid wood

7. Exterior wall: waterproof painting

8. Water system: PPR pipe for water and PVC pipe for drainage

9. Windows:Aluminum or PVC  , sliding or tilt and turn windows

10. Doors: anti-theft steel door for entrance and wood composite door for rooms;

11. Rainspout: PVC pipe

12. Floor: engineer flooring, carpet  or ceramic tiles.

13. Sound insulation airbourne: 48 – 62 (Rw dB)

14. Fire resistance: 60 (mins)

15. Thermal performance: 0.30 – 0.25 (W/m²K)


Advantages of Light Steel Structure:

1. Fully engineered and tested solutions

2. High precision components and ease of build

3. High acoustic and thermal values

4. Versatility to aid freedom of design

5. Guaranteed performance and project support

6. Weather tight envelope allows internal fit-out to proceed earlier

7. Fewer materials and less labour are required on site

8. Can support lightweight cladding materials

9. Dry process lessens risk of movement through shrinkage

10. Suitable for renovation projects where existing structure is not sufficient to support heavy loads


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