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At Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd  Steel Structures we take pride in providing farmers with sturdy, weather-resilient steel structures that will endure harsh environments and keep livestock, grain and equipment safe even during severe weather conditions. Combining hardened high-quality steel with reliable, tested designs, our agricultural steel buildings will not fail you. Our structures hold steadfast not only during storms, extreme snowfall, hail storms and the like, but will also prove resilient towards the more everyday wear-and-tear of the elements.

Agricultural steel buildings from Newcore Steel Structures are today found all over the world, where they serve a wide range of purposes in the agricultural field. The flexible design makes it possible for our agricultural steel buildings to be shaped in accordance with your specific needs and requirements.

Our buildings are highly popular among cattle raisers, since a steel building will provide safe and protective housing for cattle and livestock at an affordable price. The design of our agricultural steel buildings makes them easy to adjust: if your livestock require more room in the future, you can simply add on more space, rather than having to invest time and money in a completely new structure. If you live in a cold climate, our steel structures can easily be isolated to keep livestock as well as farm workers warm during the winters. Isolation will also keep a steel building cooler during heat spells. Our steel buildings are also successfully serving as storage space for crops, livestock commodities, and other farm equipment, such as machinery and vehicles, all over the world.

Steel buildings are popular among farmers, cattles, ranchers and other workers within the agricultural field since steel is an extremely safe and durable material. Steel buildings are fire proof and disliked by all the animals and parasites that love to invade farm buildings made of wood. Most insurance companies offer lower premiums to farmers with steel buildings than to those with wood buildings, since there is no risk for termite attacks, carpenter ants, mold or fungus. A fire is less likely to occur in a steel building, and if an accident does happen the fire will be contained within the steel structure, instead of spreading to nearby buildings and fields. A steel building is also energy-efficient and low maintenance, which, combined with the lower insurance premiums, saves the farmer considerable amounts of money over time.

Agricultural steel buildings from Newcore Steel Structures will always blend in nicely with the surrounding rural landscape and your existing buildings, since you will choose your structure’s style and exterior materials. There are four different steel panels to choose between and you can get them in a wide range of colors, including the very popular colonial red, emerald green and midnight blue. Our economical and durable steel walls can also be decorated with stucco, brick or masonry.

As soon as your agricultural business needs additional buildings, are steel structures can be erected fast and hassle-free. They are affordable and can be fit into even a very limited budget.

Newcore Steel Structures is quickly becoming one of the most popular providers of agricultural steel buildings in Australia, and for good reason. Our specialized agricultural steel buildings eliminate the need for the endless, costly modifications most steel structures demand. Coastal Steel’s agricultural buildings are designed to provide you with flexible structures that can be easily modified to suit your business’s needs, saving you time and money. Purchasing a steel building from Newcore Steel Structures is a long-term investment that will serve your farm for decades to come.

Erecting an agricultural building from Newcore Steel Structures is easy and will not take a lot of time. If you prefer to hire contractors, we can help you to find a contractor in your area that we have worked with in the past and can recommend.


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