Rock Wool

Apparent Density: 60KG/M3-200KG/M3.

Material: Basait.

Highest Workng Temperation.



Product Detail

Specification for Rock Wool:

1. Density : 60-200kg/m³
2. Length : 1000/1200mm
3. Width : 600/1200mm
4. Thickness :

Technical information

Processing method:

Rock wool insulation board is basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material. After melting, Using the international advanced four roller centrifugal cotton production process, the basalt cotton high temperature solution was dumped into the discontinuous fiber of 4 ~ 7 m. Then, add a certain amount of binder, dustproof oil, hydrophobic agent in the rock wool fiber. After settling, curing, cutting and other technology, according to different uses made of different density of products.



High strength rock wool board: suitable for high and low temperature of various conditions, has a very good load, compression characteristics, especially for large ships, containers, ovens and pipes and industrial equipment, insulation.

Pressure rock wool board: can withstand a huge high load. Applicable to the waiting room, large workshops and other roof insulation.

Hydrophobic insulation board: used in vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage works, air conditioning pipes and other humid environments.

Rock wool insulation board is also widely used in shipping, metallurgy, electric power, construction and other industries. Construction and installation convenience, energy saving effect is obvious, with high cost performance.


1.Rock wool is non combustible material, combustion performance, in the face of a fire, will not cause smoke or sparks.

2.Environmental Protection. Because wool does not contain toxic and harmful substances, even at high temperatures, it will not release harmful to the environment and the human body or harmful gases.

3.Waterproof rock wool, strong hydrophobic, low resistance and moisture permeability, can effectively reduce the building walls moldy.

4.Thermal insulation, thermal conductivity, and has good thermal insulation properties.

Acoustic aspects. Wool is a kind of porous fiber material. It can be consumed by vibration and friction between the fibers of the sound will play the role of sound absorption of acoustic energy.


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