Grade: ISO2047-1972 plywood vocabulary

Size: 1220*2440mm, 1220*2800mm, etc.

Material: Basswood, birch, elm, poplar, etc.



Product Detail

Grade: This standard refers to the adoption of international standards “ISO2047-1972 plywood vocabulary”.

Size: 1220MM*2440MM,1220MM*2800MM,1220MM*3200MM,1220MM*3660MM,

3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6…… Mm.from to 4 mm, increasing per millimeter.

5 mm thickiness plywood is for common specifications,

other thickness of plywood should be produced after the supply and demand agreement.

Material: Basswood, birch, elm, poplar, willow, cinnamomum camphora, eucalyptus and etc.

Description: plywood is one of the commonly used materials of furniture, plywood is one of the three man-made plates,

but also for the airplane, ship, train, automobile, construction and packaging box function material.



1. light weight, clear lines, insulation, strength, deformation is not easy.

2. the construction is convenient, not warp, transverse tensile performance.



1. smooth surface; no indentation, stamping, burr, grooves, bubble, cracks and other defects of processing;

2. smooth edge; no holes, cracks, delamination, debonding, sawing, fluff, coarse processing defects such as fried crucian;


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