Point-fixing Glass Curtain Wall

Glazed: Single/Double/Triple

Thickness: Single:3mm~12mm

Color: Clear/Grey/Blue/Light Green, etc.


Product Detail

Point-fixing Glass Curtain Wall :

1. Glazed: Single/Double/Triple

2. Thickness: Single:3mm~12mm
3. Double: 5mm+6A+5mm/5mm+9A+5mm/6mm+9A+6mm, etc.
4. Triple: 5mm+6A+5mm+6A+5mm or others
5. Color: Clear/Grey/Blue/Light Green, etc.



1. inside packing: Thick paper and polyfoam for first protection.

2. outside packing: wooden shelf for the second protection.

Our products is fully designed to international standard like AAMA,ASTM,EN,BS,AS,CANS.etc and is being tested according to Australian Standard AS4284. For more technical information about our products , please contact Shanghai Metal for further information.


Also can be as your request.



1. Use transparent neutral weather seal silicone sealant disposal between panels to protect the durability the PVB layer.

2. Joints connect with substiffener by bolt. Joints use floating head ball bearing type as connection. It add nylon pouches between hinges and glass panel to prevent the direct contact between glass and hard materials.

3. The floating-head has a high waterproof: Ball bearing connecting strengthen the freedom of panel.


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