Stainless Steel Security Screen

Material: Stainless steel wire ( 304 or 316)

Surface Treatment: Electrostatic spray

Color: Black, gray, white, yellow, etc


Stainless steel security screen is also called bullet-proof window screen. The material is stainless steel wire (304 or 316). It has a flat surface and outstanding protection feature, such as fire and knife proof, resisting the mosquitoes and flies and keeping the thieves and intruders out from houses. Stainless steel security can be used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas.
Specification:1. Material: Stainless steel wire ( 304 or 316).
2. Wire Diameter and Mesh Size: 0.7mm × 12 mesh, 0.8mm ×11 mesh, 0.9mm × 10 mesh.
3. Panel size: 1200mm × 2000mm, 1200mm × 2400mm, 900mm × 2000mm, 900mm × 2400mm, 750mm × 2000mm, 750mm × 2400mm.
4. Surface Treatment: Electrostatic spray.
5. Color: Black, gray, white, yellow, etc.



Prevent from mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Resist the thieves and intruders.

Fire proof and knife proof.

Equal aperture and wire diameter.

High tensile.

Long life and durable.

Easy to clean and install.

Resistance for corrosion and rust.

Adjust for harsh environments such as hurricane or storm.

Clear from inside and vague from outside.

Excellent for fresh air flowing.



Stainless steel security screen can resist the thieves and intruders, so it is used in the residences, hotels and other place for security.

Due to the anti-mosquitoes and flies feature, it can be used in the windows, doors, porches and patios to prevent the harmful insects.

Stainless steel security screen can resist the corrosion, rust and fire, it can be used in the harsh environments where is corrosive, dusty. It can also be used in the fire fighting accesses.

Another importance feature of the stainless steel security screen is bullet-proof, so it can be used in military base, and other safety places.



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