Plate Bending Rolls

Max. pre-rolling thickness: 28mm-110mm

Max. rolling thickness: 32mm-125mm

Width: 3000mm-6000mm



Product Detail

Specifications of Plate Bending Machine:
1) Max. pre-rolling thickness:28mm-110mm
2) Max. rolling thickness:32mm-125mm
3) Width:3000mm-6000mm
4) Diameter of upper roller:590mm-990mm
5) Diameter of lower roller:340mm-600mm
6) Driven motor power:55kw-160kw
7) Oil press power:22kw-75kw
8) Moving power:11kw-37kw

Application of Plate Bending Machine:
Our plate bending rolls are used for coiling thin or thick plate, which can be widely used in industry, transportation, and construction.

Main Features of Plate Bending Machine:
* W11S series rolling machine consists of pre-bending power and precision perfectly. The length of straight edge is adjustable. The upper roller presses the coil to bend directly with high precision.
* The upper roller is the main power driven roll and the lower rollers are adjusted with the support rollers. They can coil thin or thick plate continuously.
* The upper roller can be adjusted in two directions- vertical and horizontal level, but the lower rollers cannot be adjustable.
* The adjustment of upper roller is controlled by microcomputer and leveled automatically that makes coiling high precision, easy operation and high efficiency.
* Integral structure, simple foundation, convenient moving and high strength and rigidity. * Coiling plate into O, U shape.


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