Duct Forming Machine

Diameter Range: 80mm to 1500mm

Wall thickness: galvanized steel  0.4mm to 1.2mm/ stainless steel 0.4mm to 0.8mm



Product Detail

Specification of Duct Forming Machine :


Feature of Duct Forming Machine:


2.Small size;

3.Light weight

4.Easy indoor and outdoor construction site operations;

5.The duct it produced with impermeability, pressure, high strength, and good flexibility.

Application of Duct Forming Machine:

1. For volume production of reserved channels, for construction of bridges, construction of prestressed spiral

corrugated duct.

2. Widely used in printing, papermaking, forestry, metallurgy, rubber, plastics, food, textile, electrical appliances,

light industry, and punching and shearing.

Usage of Duct Forming Machine:

1. Before operation, you should check assembly of the machine

2. Adjusting the embossing device and the clamping device, adjust the hand screw pressed flower round and pinch roller, embossing wheel, relying on the mandrel to push pressure seams, and a pattern, use the pinch roller compression, and thenlock nut on the screw pressed flower round and pinch roller handle screw.

3. Pressing the switch of the electric pump

4. Starting the machine to produce, when the length is 500mm, turning down the machine.

5. Starting the cutting machine and cut this duct.

6. Measuring the pitch and adjust it.

7. After measuring and adjusting repeatedly, when the duct confirming, you can produce large quantity.

8. When the strip is used up, lap up the new put on the strip and the original strip.



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