Disposable Sterilized Rubber Orthopaedic Gloves

Size: S/M/L/XL

Material: Rubber



Product Detail

Specification of Disposable Sterilized Rubber Orthopaedic Gloves:


Package of Disposable Sterilized Rubber Orthopaedic Gloves:

100pcs/box; 10 boxes/ctn

Box size: 24*12.5*6.5cm, Carton size: 27*27*34cm


Features of Disposable Sterilized Rubber Orthopaedic Gloves:

Green design, effectively reduce the visual fatigue; Hemp of the finger and metacarpal surface design, can increase the friction of the gloves and instruments.

Provides superior strength, joint degrees and feel soft, malleable and springy formula can provide exceptional comfort and ease of hand fatigue. Using anatomical design and production, to achieve superior comfort and joint degree and relieve hand fatigue.

Can prevent the cuffs off and during surgery for surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel to provide superior protections, proprietary manufacturing process can produce better provide strength cuffs.


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