Angle Iron Flange Forming Machine

Flange thickness: 3mm-6mm

Angle iron spec: 40×40×6T;45×45×6T;50×50×6T

Flange diameter: ψ400~ψ2000



Product Detail


1. Forming roller moto: 25HP, speed can be adjusted.
2. Forming roller material: SKD11
3. Hardness: HRC60℃
4. Forming roller base: S541
5. Forming roller transmission: powerful
6. Adjustable device between forming roller
7. Hydraulic system
8. Forming roller can be adjusted, assembled and unloaded.
9. Section bending to cutting can be chosen automatically or manually.
10. Operation: button or remote control
11. Decoil: loading 1200KG, hyd. Tension

Cutting blade:

1. Material: SKD11
2. Hardness: HRC60℃
3. Upper and lower blade base are changeable.
4. Blade movement: hyd.
5. Blade base and section roller is combined to one complete set.
6. Forming roller and section bender are producing line.


1. Producing controller are manual type, auto type and remote control, all of them are with emergency device.
2. Forming roller machine is NC control system, TFT screen with touch panel.
3. Hyd. System with adjustable speed.


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