Aluminum Patrol Boat

Hull Material: Aluminum

Size: customized

Internal decoration: aluminum composite panel and carpet



Product Detail

NEWCORE GLOBAL PVT. LTD  manufactures various types of aluminum boat, including fishing boat, business boat, coast guard ship, sightseeing boat, yacht and so on. With scientific and complete quality management system, Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd devotes to designing and manufacturing aluminum boats of length 3.6-20 meters in different models.

1、9-meter in length, double consoles, width 3.2 meters, with accommodation, engine double 250 HP, speed 35-40 knots. 5083, H116, base board 5mm, side plate 4mm, upper parts 3mm. about 2.5 tons.

2、6-meter leisure boat, width 2.2 meters, depth 1.1 meters, draught 30cm, engine 90-150 HP, speed 35 knots. It can be equipped with sunshade and hull.\

3、5.2-meter fishing boat, width 2.1 meters, engine 60 HP, speed 30 knots, 4-6 passengers.

4、4.2-meter yacht, width 1.7 meters, weight about 160kg, baseboard 3mm, side plate 2mm, 25-40 HP engine. It can be equipped with drainage system, air-tight cabin and use foam to lower noise.

5、9-meter fishing boat, width 3 meters, V-shaped.

6、11-meter sightseeing boat, width 2.6 meters. 5083, baseboard 6mm, side plate 5mm.

7、5.8-meter sight boat, baseboard 4mm, side plate 3mm, windshield glass, simple cabin, locker, sunshade, engine 90 HP, speed 35 knots.

8、13-meter deluxe sightseeing boat.

9、4.8-meter yacht, width 1.85 meters, engine 40 HP, baseboard 4mm, side plate 3mm.

10、8.2-meter fishery yacht, width 2.5 meters, height 1.5 meters, windshield glass, guard bar, Yamaha engine 200 HP, speed over 45 knots.

11. 8.3-meter fishing boat, width 2.3 meters, height 2.8 meters, depth 1.2 meters, 5083 H116, baseboard 6mm, side plate, 5mm, strengthened keel, gangplank, duckbilled prow, pulley, fish well, restroom, drainage system, air-tight cabin, power-driven anchor gear, communication system, fuel tank 500 liters, double Yamaha engines 250 HP, speed 50 knots.

Other Types,

7-meter passenger boat

Sightseeing Boat

Technical Information


Multifunctional boat, widely used for patrol, research or rescue ,

can be also used for cargo transportation

Configuration equipment:

Dynamical system

YAMAHA outboard motor,

Hydraulic control system,

Multifunction instrument,

Standard features:

Marine grade alloy sheet

Flat bottom

Non-slip aluminum floor

Bench seats

Bow handles for towing

Lifting hardware for davits

Carry handles

Gas tank tie down hardware

Protective transom motor clamp plate

Fishing & hunting boat (johnboat) row boat


Packaging for Aluminum Patrol Boat:

NEWCORE GLOBAL PVT. LTD  Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer’s requests.

Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.




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