Tube End-forming Machine

Working speed: 110mm in 3-4 mintues

Max diameter: Φ40 to 80



Product Detail

Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd has developed a group of tube end forming machines that are economically priced and quite versatile. These machines are all

electrical driven and hydraulic powered. They are self-contained with motor, pump, valves and reservoir.
Tooling is used to expand, reduce, flare, flange, bead depending on customer’s requirements. Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd  will quote accordingly.

Features of Tube End Forming Machine:
1. Provide fuel tank and frame integrated design
2. Natural cooling
3. Manual push-type lubrication system
4. Counter function
5. Can add foot-step switch or button box switch
6. High efficiency, without waste material, forming one time, smooth surface without burrs.

Mechanical Characteristics of Tube End Forming Machine:
1.PC computer control
2.Hydraulic drive
3.Smooth work
4.Mobile pedal switch, Automatic, Tight stop
5.Easy mold change
6.Facilitate flexible production

Accessories of Tube End Forming Machine:
Standard equipment:Die set,Tool,Manual,Service manual Special molds

Technical Information  

Three Types of Tube End Forming Machine: 

1.Single Station Diverging Tube Machine

2.Double Station Diverging Tube Machine

3.Taper Pipe End Forming Machine

Usage of Tube End Forming Machine: 

Mainly applied in the pipe end machining in air-condition, water heater, airplane, automobile, etc.

Single Station Diverging Tube Machine: 

Main Technical Parameters:

Double Station Diverging Tube Machine: 

Main Technical Parameters:


Taper Pipe End Forming Machine: 

1.Adopt cold forging technology to forge into cylinder or cone.

2.Closed circuit circulating system is equipped to guarantee the machine works for long term.

3.If matched with corresponding mould, it can make various workpiece of different shape and size. And the workpiece is bright, smooth and has higher strength.

Main technical parameters of Taper Pipe End Forming Machine:



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