Super Grip Industrial Fiberglass

Color: High visability yellow, black, yellow and black stripe.

Underside: flat underside

Nose: 90 degree angle



Product Detail


1. Material: Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP), aluminium oxide grit coated. Resin bonded.
Dimensions: 3.2mm wall thickness.
70mm (top face) X 30mm (side face)
70mm (top face) X 9mm (side face)
100mm (top face) X 30mm (side face)
2. Front edge: 3.2mm decreasing to 2mm tapered front edge (tapered edge begins 10mm from front edge and spans 10mm).
3. Color: High visability yellow, black, yellow and black stripe.
4. Underside: flat underside
5. Nose: 90 degree angle.
6. Weight: 0.69 Kg/ LM (70mm top face width), 0.92 Kg/ LM (100mm top face width).
7. Lengths: 3.0 meters
8. Fixation: Adhesive, tek screw, screw, bolt, or combination. Compatible adhesive available.
9. Grit Grade: Medium or medium/ coarse
10. Luminous reflectance values (mean): Yellow: 45.46 (dry), 45.13 (wet), Black: < 10.0
11. Notes: High slip resistance, strong, UV stable, water resistant, hydrocarbon resistant, fire resistant, light weight, outstanding durabilty, low maintenance, ecomonical. Superior to galvanised grit coated angle, will not rust, peel/ flake or bend out of shape.



Industrial facilities, airports, recreational facilities/ parks, civil applications requiring high performance anti slip solution, exterior and interior. Install Super Grip Industrial stair nosings direct on existing substrate. Quick installation.


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