Ceramic Fiber Board

Grade: ST(Standard)

Thickness: 10-50mm

Width: 300/600/1000/Customized


Product Detail

Ceramic fiber board is aluminium silicate fibreboard which is a kind of refractory material,even in high temperature, the mechanical strength is still very good.High-temperature insulation wool (HTIW), known as ceramic fiber wooluntil the 1990s, is one of several types of synthetic mineral wool, generally defined as those resistant to temperatures above 1000°C. The first variety, aluminium silicate fibre, developed in the 1950s, was referred to as refractory ceramic fibre.
Specification:Grade: ST(Standard)
Thickness: 10-50mm
Width: 300/600/1000/Customized

Technical Information



High strength,

Long service life;

Low heat capacity,

Low heat conductivity;

Non-brittle material, toughness;

Size precision,

Good flatness;

Easy to cut the installation,

Construction convenient;

Good anti-wind performance;

Continuous production,

Fiber distribution stable performance;

Excellent acoustic noise performance.


Ron and steel industry: expansion joints, the lining insulation, thermal insulation and mold insulation film;

Non-ferrous metals industry: tundish and the flow slot cover for pouring copper and copper alloys;

Ceramic Industry: Structure and light trucks kiln kiln surface lining of the body heat, the furnace and the temperature zones separated by fire block material;

Glass industry: molten pool were lining insulation, burner block;

Kiln construction: hot face refractories (alternative fiber blanket), heavy refractory by contrast, expansion joints;

Light industry: Industry and domestic boiler combustion chamber liner; Petrochemical industry: a high-temperature furnace lining hot face materia


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