PE Protective Film

Material: PE

Use: Masking

Feature: Waterproof



Product Detail

1. Material: PE
2. Use: Masking
3. Adhesive Side: Single Sided
4. Adhesive: Acrylic
5. Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive
6. Feature: Waterproof
7. Design Printing: Offer Printing
8. Place of Origin: India
9. Brand Name: Newcore
10. Model Number: 1705M2
11. Base material: PE
12. Color: Blue
13. Thickness: 3c/4c/5c/7c
14. Common Lenght: 200m/300m
15. Common Width: 90cm/1m/1.2m
16. Sample: Free
17. LOGO: Customized
18. Certification: ROHS



1. Newcore PE protective film is made of PE, coated with high pressure sensitive adhesive acrylic;

2. Our adhesive plastic PE protective film is easy to peel off without residue left;

3. Our PE protective film has advantage of excellent insulation;

4. Our PE protective film is acid-resistant, alkali resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion;

5. Our PE protective film is  good to protect glass, mirror, metal surface, avoid straches and damage


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