Hydraulic Press Brake

Worktable Length: 2000mm ~ 6000mm

Open Height: 335mm ~ 545mm

Throat Depth: 200mm ~ 400mm



Product Detail

Structure of Hydraulic Press Brakes:
1)The all-steel-structure of Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd  Press Brakes consist of side frames, ram, I-Beam and pair of levers manufactured from ultrasonically tested steel plates.
2)All sections are designed to give minimum deflections to maximum rigidity as per international standards.
3)Pair of hydraulic cylinders are synchronized by a heavy duty torque tube welded to the levers. This offers absolute parallelism between them and table working surfaces.

Performances of Hydraulic Press Brakes:
1) All steel welded construction- high strength and good rigidity.
2) Hydraulic top drive–steadiness and reliability.
3) Mechanical leveling- torsion bar keeps synchronous operation and high precision.
4) Mechanization – adjust device of back gauge and ram stroke by operator hand rail.
5) Transit protection- whole machine guarding with safety interlocker.
6) Deflection compensator built into bed top.

Application of Hydraulic Press Brakes:
Hydraulic Press Brakes are primarily used for bend different kind of sheets into the desired angle. These machines are especially applicable for:
Mild steel
Stainless steel

Benefits of Hydraulic Press Brakes:
1)Low tooling cost
2)Easy & Quick setting
3)Enormous versatility
4)Accurate repetition & bending
5)User friendlyEasy maintenance
6)Standard spares, hence easy availability

Special Machine Modifications and Customizations:

Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd  has dedicated team of engineers to provide cost-effective solutions for your special forming requirements. In many cases, they work directly with clients to offer custom design for special bending and forming needs. From utilization of numerous standard options to complete custom modifications of ram open heights, bed cap dimensions, throat depths and much more,Newcore Global Pvt. Ltd  can accommodate your special application needs.


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