Half Height Bulk Container

Tare Weight: 2,550Kg

Max Payload: 36,010Kg

Max Gross Weight: 38,560Kg


Product Detail

Specification of Half Height Bulk Container

Technical Information 

Testing & Inspection

1 Materials and Parts Inspection

All materials and parts are inspected by the manufacturer’s Quality Control department to ensure they are up to the specification called fr in the design.

2 Production Line Quality Control

All containers are manufactured under effective quality control procedures to meet the specified standards. All dimensions are checked and smoothe operation of the doors are ensured after each container’s completion. A light and watertight test is conducted on all containers.

Quality control personnel independent of the production dept. will be inspecting on all phaes of the production as well as ad hoc inspections by the calssificatin soceity’s surveyor and buyer’s representatives to assure the quality of the container.


1 Guarantee

The guarantee period will commence the day after the certification is issued by the calssifcation society.

2 Paint Guarantee

The application of paint will be guaranteed against corrosion and paint failure for a period of three years. The guarantee is for all faults affecting more than 10% of the painted surfaces and will assure partial or total re-painting of the contianers. Normal wear/tear, or corrosion caued by acid, alkali or results of damages by abrasion, impact or accident are excluede.

Note: Corrosion is defined as rusting which exceed RE3 (European scale of degree of rusting) on at least ten percent of the total container surface coated with the concerned coating system.

3 Other Guarantee

This container will be guaranteed againt any defect or omissions in construction, workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months. In the event of defects, FACTORY will replace. correct or install to make the container satisfactory to this specification and its intended service at FACTORY’s expense. Any damages caused by mis-handling, mis-securing, mis-loading, impact and any natures of accidents are excluded.


Features of Half Height Open Top Container:

>> Engineered for transport of bulk products by road, rail or sea.

>> Available in a variety of sizes to suit your product

>> Removable lid designed to reduce dust and environmental issues

>> The tippler will remove the lids and rotate each container 360 degrees to empty the concentrate directly into the ships hold.

>> The internal hopper of the container has been designed to reduce product hang up by using a five degree slope with no sharp corners or cross members making it ideal for use with iron ore, concentrates or mineral sands.

>> Surface treatment: painted, anti-corrosion performance & compliant with environment protect trend.

>> Light weight but strong

>> Easily stackable when full for onsite storage

>> All of our containers are new and for sales only, in case of special requirements please contact us for further detailed information.

>> We also have 20 Feet & 40 Feet Open Top Containers (With Tarpaulin) and 20 Feet Hard Top Open Top Container.


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